Launched in 2009, Change4Life’s aim is to inspire anyone working with families or individuals to play a part in improving the nation’s health and well-being by encouraging healthy eating and physical activity.

Change4Life Sports Clubs in Primary Schools

Primary sports clubs have been introduced to increase physical activity levels in less active seven-to-nine-year-olds. They are designed to give children the skills and confidence to take part in school games at all levels, both intra and inter school, and beyond.

The initiative has been having significant positive effects on physical activity levels and the attitudes towards being active and healthy, as well as contributing to pupil’s wellbeing.

What sports are involved?

Currently there are five themes that take their influence from a range of sports:

  • Adventure: canoeing, cycling, orienteering, rowing, sailing
  • Combat: boxing, fencing, judo, taekwondo, wrestling
  • Creative: cheerleading, diving, gymnastics, jump rope, swimming
  • Flight: cricket, handball, rounders, softball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball
  • Target: archery, boccia, bowls, goalball, golf, fencing
Benefits to Schools

The clubs create an exciting and inspirational environment for children to engage. They are having a significant impact on pupil behaviour, attendance and attainment. They also give schools an avenue for developing the social and emotional skills of belonging, confidence and competence.

Getting Started

Schools can now use their Primary School Sport Premium Funding to purchase Change4Life Sports Club resources and training. To get started, visit the Change4Life website and register your interest. You’ll then be able to find free downloadable resources and a celebration toolkit.

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