Active School can support your school in a multitude of ways. We are happy to work in most capacities that can help improve Physical Education in primary schools.

We can also upskill older pupils in PE leadership, by offering training sessions to leadership groups or whole classes.

What support can Active School offer you?

  • Qualified Physical Education lessons covering all aspects of PE
  • Quality assured planned lessons
  • Regular pupil assessment shared with class teacher and stored on school database
  • Report writing and attendance at Parent’s Evening
  • Sports Day preparation and delivery
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How can Active School upskill your staff?

  • Observe, debrief and target areas for staff development
  • Work with individual staff to upskill in areas they’re lacking in confidence (including dance and gymnastics)
  • Deliver sessions in a practical way to explore use of available space
  • Supply resources for the relevant topic being delivered
  • CPD in multiple areas including Dance and Gymnastics
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Extra Services from Active School

  • Sports Day Planning and Delivery, including training Key Stage 2 to lead on Key Stage 1 events
  • One off day sessions focusing on a specific area, such as Dance; delivered as 1 hour slots to 5 individual classes with their teacher
  • Assistance in completing whole school PE Development Plan
  • Working with and guiding the PE Co-ordinator
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Whole School Leadership Training

  • How to be a good leader? Why we need Leaders?
  • Ideas of games to offer Key Stage 1
  • How to plan and structure a game
  • How to utilise space and equipment efficiently
  • Planning their own games on Leadership frameworks
  • Explanation of the whole school structure
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