School Sport Organising Crews

Putting school games into the hands of young people can encourage a lifelong interest in sport and develop leadership skills at an early age.

School Sport Organising Crews (SSOCrews) are groups of young people who lead on the planning and delivery of sport clubs and intra-school competitions.

These pupils influence and shape the offerings for their classmates by deciding what competitions to run, how they’ll be structured and the logisitics as to where and when they’ll take place.

SSOCrews are a diverse group of young people in primary schools, whereas SSOCs are formed in secondary schools.

Why should primary schools form SSOCrews?

SSOCrews are designed to form a peer-based body to ensure school games meets the needs of all pupils in the school. The responsibilities undertaken include:

  • Working with teachers to improve the standard of sport and games.
  • Organising surveys to determine a consensus on what pupils’ opinions of sport in the school are.
  • Reporting back to the school at the end of the year as to what improvements have taken place and are underway.
How can schools get involved?

PE teachers can easily get committees or crews started and request support from your local SGO, or Active School, for training and support. The School Games team can also provide training and information to ensure an effective and organised committee.

School Sport Organising Crew
SSOC Values

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